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Hm, soo hi guys. I'm not actually in mood to update this entry, butttt i'll try. Lol, what the hell i'm talking about. Oh soo, about my relay with Daniel. . . it is not running smoothly. Hm, we're not the same as before. Daniel is very different now. He's turned into someone i never knew. Hmm, he was always busy with football. I understand but I want to spend time with him also. But, he never want to understand. I wait until he returned from playing football. I will ask him to take a break before. But when we started texting he would start furious anger. I know he is tired but please think of my heart as well. A few days ago we fought again. We fight about Shameel, one of my twitter friend. Even i nak tweet dengan dia pun tak boleh ke? So why you can tweet with another girl but I can't? I understand you but please understand me too. Yeah, it's not easy to weaved a long distance realationship. But if we believe in each other all will work smoothly. For this few days, i'll not replying your text, i'll not pickup your phone calls. I just want to be alone for now. Twitter i kena hack, sebab tu you takdapat cari. Andd, fb i, i taknak bukak buat masa ni. I can only open ask.fm and blog only. I wanted to calm down. I'm tired going to take care of your heart, while my heart? Have you ever think about my heart? I think the answer is "NO". But, it's ok lah.Tapi, satu i nak cakap. If you already do not love me and want to break up with me, please tell me. I would rather end this relationship from fighting everyday. You do not feel anything, but I? Have you thought about my feelings? The same answer, maybe :') I taught when we getback we will be like before, but i'm wrong. Everything getting worst when we getback. What i'm gonna say is, let me go if you just want to hurt me :'( And please read this:
"If you love me, let me know and if you don't let me go"

p/s: Thanks for reading, and sorry for my broken english :')
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